Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Biography

Quick Info about Zeeshan Shaikh:-

Real name Shaikh Qutubuddin 
Date of birth1 May 1994
Age25 years
height5’8″ feet
Income 19 lakhs/month (approx)
Net Worth 202155 crore Indian rupees (approx)
hometownKurba, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Zeeshan Shaikh Biography

In this article, all the information about Seeken YouTube channel and Zeeshan Sheikh has been duly introduced. An attempt has been made to tell about some of the latest news and personal information from biography to the present time. In the article, words related to seeken and zeeshan Sheikh have been kept in front of the people.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Life Introduction

Today we are going to talk about the founder of Seeken, Zeeshan Sheikh . Zeeshan Shaikh is one such name who has been guiding the young generation through books and videos, through his experience and knowledge, and the way of life and motivation in India.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Date of birth and Place

    Zeeshan Sheikh was born on 1 May 1994 in Kuraba, Mumbai City, India. His real name is Sheikh Qutubuddin. But everyone knows him by the name of Seeken and Zeeshan Sheikh. Zeeshan Sheikh was considered the worst boy in his locality, because of his actions. Zeeshan Sheikh belongs to a normal class family. Zeeshan Sheikh’s father was a taxi driver and his mother was a housewife.

 As their family income was very low, this was going to directly affect their education and health. The most important thing about his childhood is that he was living a very good life in comparison to other boys, despite his financial condition not being good. His childhood was very simple and easy.

As we told, Zeeshan was not a calm-tempered boy at all and that’s why he only liked to be with boys who acted in reverse like himself and make them his friends. People stay away from bad people but Zeeshan was a boy who always kept a distance from good and calm people.

Zeeshan Shaikh ( Seeken) Early life

He had more dedication to other work than to studies. Like used to show his interest in dancing, gym, singing, etc. Well, his parents were absolutely concerned that education is the only means through which Zeeshan can turn his life into a wonderful life.

Zeeshan’s father never wanted to distance himself from the things of his interest, he wanted to give good education to his son along with competitive work like dancing. But the work of the taxi driver alone was not earning as much income as they needed at that time.

Zeeshan Shaikh Elementary education, job, and business

          It is a matter of one day when Zeeshan’s mother requested him to get admission to a good school, she said that we will do anything but we will be able to live peacefully only after getting our son proper education.

Zeeshan’s father was able to get to know his mother closely. And Zeeshan got admission to a good school. Till now Zeeshan did not understand at all the financial condition and condition of his family.

College journey:-   After completing his schooling, he was admitted to a college, Zeeshan was now concentrating on his studies and due to his interest in dancing, he also used to participate in college programs. As the college studies started to complete, Zeeshan now felt a lot of stress about the job, he wanted to get a good job soon after the completion of the degree. He got the job but due to the low salary, his attention shifted from this job.

      When he was thinking about the job and his career, then he found that the talk of roaming around is coming only from money, so it would be appropriate to find a way to earn money, not a job.

Zeeshan Sheikh’s first success

Zeeshan woke up all night and started looking for ways to earn money with the help of the internet, one thing in his research he clearly understood was that most of the rich people of the world give more importance to books than other things, he also found that many people It is because of books that they have been able to reach great heights.

Then what, Zeeshan also started falling for books. After a few days, he got a golden opportunity to work as a lecturer in any institute or institution and got his first salary from this job.

 He used to prepare himself before giving lectures, but after some time he realized that what he is studying in coaching had no role in his life, so why is he wasting his time, like this? After making the assumption, Zeeshan also gave up teaching in coaching.

Importance of books in Zeeshan Shaik’s life

  After leaving his job as a lecturer, the reason for the biggest success of his life was book. The interest in reading Zeeshan shaik seeken’s books increased. And he started to understand the important words and their meaning closely in these books. With the help of books, he could achieve success on a YouTube channel called Seeken . Next, we are going to get into details about it

Zeeshan Shaik’s favorite book

 Zeeshan Shaik (seeken)’s favorite book is rich dad poor dad. That is because thanks to this book, Zeeshan has become a well-known name in today. His first most popular video on Youtube was taken from the book Rich Dead Poor Dead. His first video became the most viewed video on WhatsApp, in this video, Zeeshan explained the book “Rich Dead and Poor Dead” in Hindi.

Seeken YouTube channel

Seeken or Zeeshan Shaikh has made a lot of recognition in India. Seeken YouTube channel was launched on 29 December 2015. The first video was made on this YouTube channel by Zeeshan in animation English language. However, this video of his could not play that much. Seeken got its first success through a book called rich dad and poor dad.

At that time it was a difficult task to add this animation video content. A few days later, his same video became viral on the social media platform. And thus to date the channel is on its destination and is progressing.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) YouTube journey

    Zeeshan Shaikh used to think while reading books that it would be good if this bookish knowledge is used in YouTube, he started uploading videos on his youtube channel while reading books. This is how his YouTube career started

Zeeshan Sheikh Net Worth, Monthly Income, Subscribers

youtube channel creation date29 April 2015
number of uploaded videos317
Total Subscribers3.1 million
Monthly YouTube Revenue2 – 10 lakh rupees (approx)
Annual YouTube Revenue1 crore – Rs 2 crore (approx)

Zeeshan Shaikh’s YouTube earnings

The record of Zeeshan Sheikh’s YouTube earnings is shown in the table above. But if we talk about his average YouTube income, then it will be around 4-5 lakhs.

Meaning of Seeken Youtube Channel

    Zeeshan Shaikh wanted to have a unique name for his YouTube channel, and he named Seeken. Actually, seeken is made up of two words, See + ken which means ‘to see people who also have experience with the smart minds.

Seeken & Zeeshan Shaikh original/real name

Seeken is a career name that was kept by Zeeshan Shaikh. Zeeshan Sheikh’s real name is Sheikh Qutubuddin and Seeken’s real name is see+ken (look at talent).

Full Course of Seeken

On Seeken.org website, business plan, business success tips, and new and smart methods for life success have been included in its course. If you are also thinking of starting a business, then you can get information by visiting the website address given above. Seeken’s popular course is “find your passion”.

Zeeshan Shaikh’s other YouTube channels

Seeken was his first YouTube channel, together with this he has 3 YouTube channels in the current August 2021.

  • Seeken
  • Seeken Jigyasa
  • Zeeshan Shaikh

Zeeshan Shaikh’s educational qualification

He did his primary and higher school education from the government school in Mumbai, his schooling education was completed from class 1st to 12th. After class 12th, joined the college for graduation and got a degree in computer and engineering . Presently he is considered to be a well educated person.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Net Worth Net Worth

Apart from YouTube, Zeeshan Sheikh is doing many other types of online business. He is a digital creator, influencer, marketing officer, author etc. Zeeshan Shaikh’s YouTube income and business together will be around 55 Crore (Seeken/Zeeshan shaikh net worth is 55 Crore rupees). This is just an estimate figure.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken ) books

As mentioned, Zeeshan Shaikh works as a writer who has authored books and ebooks. They sell courses and books on their website seekn.org . Sirf is not soft copy but they also make hard copy and audiobook. Some books and summaries of books are also made available by them for free.

You can see his books on Amazon.com and amazon kindle.

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken ) thought

Seeken ke anusar aapko life me success hona hai to Kitab Padhna Start Kar dijiye

Zeeshan Shaikh Awards and nominations

  • Freelancing Websites Awarded for Best Content Creator
  • youtube play button
  • Best Ebook Writers for Digital Marketing

Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Personal life

Zeeshan Shaikh age

As of May 1994, today Zeeshan Shaikh is 25 years old.

Zeeshan Shaikh’s wife/ family

Zeeshan Sheikh lives with his family in their own hard-earned house. His house was in an old colony of Mumbai, it was a very small house. Right now he is living a blissful life with his entire family in a luxurious house in Mumbai. We do not have information related to their marriage, so it is difficult to tell about married life.

Zeeshan Shaikh’s Contact/Social Media Accounts ( Zeeshan Shaikh (Seeken) Contact/social media accounts )

 We have listed below all his social media accounts to connect and contact Zeeshan Sheikh 

website – Seeken.org

Zeeshan’s YouTube channel-

(1) Seeken

(2) seeken jigyasa

(3)Zeeshan Shaikh

Instagram account- @iamseeken

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